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The Doctor Transference [2/2]

Author: Ramenette
Spoilers: None
Rating: T
Warning: None
Word Count: 1,050
Disclaimer: Just borrowing the toys. I promise to put them back.
A/N: Part two! Kind of proud of it.
Part One: Here

“I should’ve just said no,” Penny groans, eyes glazing over.

The Doctor is standing in front of her with a large contract. He’s explaining what being his travelling companion will entail, but Penny’s not particularly interested. She just wants to push some buttons, pull some levers and, bam, be in the 1800s.

“Are you listening to me at all,” he questions, one eyebrow raised skeptically with pursed lips.

“Of course, of course. Wouldn’t want to make you turn this TARDIS around or anything,” she snickers, waving her hands in the air for dramatic effect. “What’s your name?”

“We’ve already been over this. I’m the Doctor.”

She makes a face. “No, not that. You’re real name.”

He just stares at her with a blank look on his face. “Can I call you Sheldon? You look like a Sheldon.”

“You will refer to me as the ‘Doctor’ or I’m afraid this travelling companionship won’t last long,” he retorts, “Now, could you please just sign and initial here and here?”

She does what he says, and he files it away somewhere. “Penny, you have all of time and space to explore. Anywhere and any when to visit. Where would you like to start?”

Penny bites her bottom lip and thinks of an answer that she just knows will drive him crazy. “Well, could we go back to the millennium? I was passed out drunk when the ball dropped.”

“You’re not very old, Penny. You couldn’t have been of legal age,” he admonishes.

She smirks. “I wasn’t.”

“Well, I can assure you that there won’t be much drinking along our journey. I’m not your chaperone.”

Penny nods and smiles tightly. She does a mixture of a hop and skips over to the control panel of the TARDIS. “Why’s that lit up?”

He dashes over and looks at the button in alarm. “The TARDIS’ check engine light is on!”

“It’s always on.”

“How would you know? I’ve been here far longer than you have.”

“Wait- so are we, like, going to crash or something?”

“We’re deep in space, Penny, there’s nowhere to crash. Although we could just float along aimlessly until we reach the closest planet. However, there’s no way to tell if the inhabitants will be friendly or not.”

“So we’re screwed?”

He gets a sparkle in his eyes. “Bazinga. The TARDIS doesn’t have a ‘check engine’ light.”

Her eyes narrow in return. “That wasn’t funny, Doctor.”

He tilts his head to the side. “Did I make you uncomfortable, Penny?”

“A little, but it’s okay,” she says slowly, “because I’ll bet ten quid that I can make you ten times more uncomfortable.”

Penny pulls his body real close to hers so their chests are pressed together. She can the Doctor is trying to keep his poker face, but failing miserably. She rises on her tip-toes and wraps her arms around the back of his neck, pulling his face close to hers.

“Can we go to New York for the millennium, Moonpie?” she whispers into his ear. He nods dumbly.

He clears his throat and brushes off his clothes when she pulls away. “Penny, I feel it is necessary to warn you that you have already used up your first strike. You have one more to give before I return you home. Any repeat of what just happens will initiate an automatic strike.”

“I’m going to get changed. Let me know when we get there, Moonpie.”

“Don’t call me that,” he calls out to her as she disappears from his view.


Knock, knock, knock.
Knock, knock, knock.
Knock, knock, knock.

She opens the door on the third time. “That was quick.”

“Well, we are dealing with advanced alien technology here.”

They exit the TARDIS and enter a busy New York City.

“You’re sure we won’t run into your past self?”

“What time is it,” she asks.

“Approximately eleven thirty.”

Penny nods. “Definitely. Despite the fact that she’s in Omaha right now, she’s also already passed out in her boyfriend’s house.”

“We should find a spot to watch the ball drop.”

“Nah. How about we grab something to eat instead?”

The Doctor’s eyes widen in shock. “Wasn’t the whole point of this trip for you to see the ball drop?”

“I’ll see it just as well on TV in a Starbucks. Besides, I can already tell that you’re not one for large crowds of people,” Penny replies, smiling easily. She links his arms with his, despite his apprehension, as the attempt to fight their way through the crowds.

“How are you sure no one will jack the TARDIS? It’s not as if it blends in around here.”

“It’s locked. Speaking of which, you ought to have a key if you’re traveling with me.” He reaches into his pocket and fishes out a key. “It’ll light up if you’re ever near the TARDIS.”

A half hour later, they’re sitting across from one another in a coffee shop. Penny has a hot chocolate in front of her while the Doctor has a coffee.

“I like you,” she says suddenly.

“I find that I’m not completely adverse to your company either.”

“I think we’re going to make a great team. You know, hopping around the universe kicking alien butt. I used to do junior rodeo, and I can’t wait to try hog tying an alien!”

He sighs. “Just be careful. I can already tell that simply having you around will attract a lot of conflict in the future. I’d rather not lose a companion.”

“Especially one whose company you’re not completely opposed to?”

“Yes, I suppose so.”


“I’ve told you already, that’s not my name.”

“Sorry, Doctor, do you think we’ll end up friends by the time I’m done travelling?”

“Yes. I believe we will.”

Penny grins. “Good, because you’re kind of cute. And I like having cute friends.”

“No flirting, Penny. It’s in the contract you signed.”

Penny laughs and connects their lips over the table as the ball drops. “Screw the contract. It’s just a waste of paper anyways.”

“Really, you have to stop that.”

“Or what? You’ll give me another strike?”

“No,” he replies, blushing, “I may have to give you a taste of your own medicine.”

Penny grins and sips her hot cocoa. She knows their chemistry is undeniable.
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