Glee, We're Having Relationship Issues

Now, if you've ever discussed Glee with me, you'd know that Quinn Fabray is my favorite. Here we are, two episodes into the return, and she's collectively had all of about five lines.

I miss Quinn.

On the other side of the spectrum, Jesse St. James, stop breaking my heart. You are adorable destined to break my poor Rachel's heart. This is something I really want not to happen. I kind of love Jonathan Groff now. He's very cute.

Now, I'd like that whole Quinn issue fixed. Kthnxbai 

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So, I saw the Tim Burton version last week, and it's been really bothering me. I spammed Twitter about it on Tuesday. I really, really wanted to like it. I was so excited since I found out about it last year, and I've been pumped to see it. Especially after the Alice miniseries on SyFy and I just got the Un-anniversary addition for an Easter present. I've been trying to think of excuses to like it, and here's what I have:
  • Hatter's voice
  • Mia
  • The White Queen
  • For once, I liked the Cheshire Cat
  • The Caterpillar 
  • Helena Bonam Carter's head
  • Stayne
It pains me too much to even post what was wrong with it. I'm so disappointed.
In TV related news, Glee is back tomorrow. Holy f**ker nuggets. So; Excited. I got the complete season one disk set for Easter. And I found a download of the Glee version of Ride Wit' You by Nelly. Listening to that now. And a new Big Bang Theory tonight. Will Wheaton is back and it's the END OF LEONARD AND PENNY!

I'm Being Bullied Into Writing

I have several different pieces of writing I should be working on, but I feel as though I'm biting off more than I can chewa again. Here's what I have planned:

Tony and Kate (NCIS): Coincidentally, Tony and Kate end up at the same bar. Kate gets completely smashed, and Tony takes it upon himself to take care of her, keep her safe, and make sure she arrives at her home safetly.

Sheldon and Penny (The Big Bang Theory): In which Penny describes how Sheldon is no Prince Charming.

Roxas and Namine (Kingdom Hearts): A theme from the 100TC

Lily and James (Harry Potter): I could either work on the outline to the Move Along sequel, or embark on my other fifty chaptered LJ story (the thought of FIFTY CHAPTERS terrifies me)

I have votes on Twitter for Lily and James and Roxas and Namine. And Tony and Ziva (which isn't really a choice), but I'd feel dirty writing a Tiva before a Tate. I'm leaning towards LJ or Tate.


Death is...a very fickle thing.

I'm not exactly sure what to say about it. I've definitely written my fair share of death scenes (and then some). Today, for the first time, I experienced the tragedy. But I'm not sure how to feel. I was my mom's best friend; the only person I think I ever actually hated. But I cried anyway. I'm not sure why....I don't know if it was for my mom or for me, but I cried anyway.

I don't think that it fully sank in yet. I had my crying fest, but I think it's okay now. The last time I saw him, I gave him a dirty look and quick "hi". Now, most people would be devestated that that was their last contact with someone before they died. I'm not. I find it oddly fitting and vaguely reminiscent of my entire relationship with him. It was the last time I saw him alive. In the front seat of his van with a Northface hate and dark sunglasses.

I'll never yell at him again. I'll never give him dirty looks or bitch about him. Jokes about him suddenly won't be funny or in good taste because he is no longer among the living. I'm just not exactly sure how to feel about it. The only prominent deaths in my life have been of my Papa's mother and my Papa's best friend. I was never particularly close to either. The only memory I have of my great-grandmother is the one time I visited her with my cousins, Aunt, and Nana. Catherine and I (Grace was too young and Allie and Olivia weren't born yet) were jumping around her apartment playing Sailor Moon. She yelled at us for being loud. My Aunt ushered us out of the room with Gracie in her arms, leaving my Nana in there alone with her. I've never been particularly curious about what happened between them that day, but I've always had the slightest of inklings (though, if I asked my Nana, she probably wouldn't remember it). I met Paul, my Papa's friend, multiple times. The main memory I have of him is at my Uncle Jimmy's wedding. Us girls (Catherine, Grace, Allie, and myself. Olivia was still too young) were the only ones on the dance floor. We danced together and Paul (who was a double leg amputee from the Vietnam War) wheeled out and began spinning around in his chair (I assumed his way of dancing with us). Gracie, who I was dancing with, instantly fled out of fear. I, however, embraced the opportunity and took his hand. I don't remember much except for his smile and laugh and how much it meant to my Papa (who is a leg amputee himself. Unlike Paul, he was lucky and only lost one). None of us knew that I would have Paul's last dance. To this day, I think that it still means the world to my Papa that I stayed with Paul to dance.

I never liked Timmy. My mom claims that there was a time I did, and I agree with her if only because I'm sick of arguing with her over it. I am 100% certain that I never liked him. I'm, for lack of better words, neutral about the whole thing. Whenever I think of him, I'll think of the night he got into a nasty fight with my mom and started bringing me into the fight to get to my mom. He brought up the sore subject of my father- a sort of taboo around here. I'll remember the fist fight between them that occured that night and me calling 911. I'll think of the devestated look on my Mom's face when I came home today. I'll think of seeing him in that big white van wih his stupid northface laugh and the awkward "hi" he gave me while I only glared and replied with as much hate as I could muster in my voice.
I'll never think of the good things straught away- they'll always be an after thought.
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OHAI, LiveJournal.

You know, I'm just here to procrastinate studying for my mid-years. Maybe I'll write some fanfiction and join some groups. Anything to stay away from that yucky Latin Vocab. And those gross ionic and covalent bonds for science.

I feel as though I neglect my LJ. I'm going to go join more groups now.


Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

Let's face it, I haven't been active on my LJ at all. I'm hoping to rectify this situation. I've been really into the internet lately, and I've been doing A LOT of writing (mostly fanfiction). I've even stared developing my own book. The journal for it is <lj user="katies_book">. It's about the American mafia. You can read more about it there.

I'm re-introducing myself here. Hi, my name is Katie. I'm thirteen (fourteen in 10 days), and I really like Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, and all things classic Disney. I listen to literally almost every type of music. I can go anywhere from rap to classical to showtunes to hip to pop to R&B to techno.